撰文者/GMBA陳依瑾、GMBA學生Htet Htet Aung


GMBA游泳隊來比賽了  We are ready to swim Group photo with all the team and supporters 游泳選手與啦啦隊合照

今年的游泳比賽是由台大體育室籌畫,賽程自下午一點到五點。由於疫情後的生活逐漸回復正常,所以這次的比賽開放給所有台大學生、教職員工參加,因此現場大約有100名的參與者,以及許多來加油的啦啦隊。GMBA派出的游泳隊是由R10和R11兩屆學生組成的五人團隊。其中4名選手報名50公尺混合接力賽, 3名選手參加男子50公尺蝶式與女子50公尺蛙式的個人賽。

GMBA游泳選手個個表現亮眼,首先接力賽獲得全校第 13 名,接著Angela在女子 50公尺蛙式奪得第14 名、 Robert 和 Ansem 在男子 50公尺蝶式獲得第 16 和第 20 名。GMBA的啦啦隊也相當盡力,比賽與頒獎的時候他們不停地高聲呼喊“GMBA”來鼓舞隊員。賽後,選手與啦啦隊一同慶功,結束前,隊員們承諾明年會提前開始訓練,不僅要取得更好的成績,還要招募新的泳隊成員一起參與其中。



NTU Swimming Competition 2022

Written by GMBA student Htet Htet Aung

A Rainy and windy day welcomed the NTU swimming competition.

Group photo 合照 After race celebration  賽後慶功宴

All participants were warming up and ready for the competition in the cold and wet weather. But their determination to compete did not seem to be affected by the weather.

The competition started at 13:00 and ended at 17:00 on 15 Oct 2022, organized by the Athletic Department. Not only the students, anyone from NTU was welcomed including the teaching staff so around 100 participants were at the scene. A team of five members from R10 and R11, from GMBA also actively participated in various competitions. Four athletes joined the 50 meters mixed relays, and three also participated in individual competitions of men’s 50m butterfly and women’s 50m breaststroke.

GMBA group members performed well during the competition. For the Relay contest, the team got 13th place and for the individual, Angela got 14th in the female 50m breaststroke. Robert and Ansem got 16th and 20th place in the male 50m butterfly. We could hear the cheerleading group cheering and chanting “GMBA” from the audience stage. Each of them received a certificate and T-shirt for outstanding performance. After the competition, the participants and cheerleaders together had a celebration hot pot near the campus. The dinner ended with the appreciation speech and members promised to train harder to perform better next year and to spread the word to welcome new participants.

This event again shows that our GMBA members are not only professional and remarkable in academics and working but also talented in sports. Having a common goal of achievement as a team, this competition is one of the best ways to bond with friends and seniors. The process of training and goal-setting together makes both the process and the result more valuable.

Looking forward to the GMBA participation in the coming year’s NTU Swimming competition.