2019 GMBA迎新:新學期,新人生歷程


撰文者/ GMBA陳依瑾、二年級鍾威怡

9月8日是今年的GMBA迎新日,GMBA全體上下一同熱烈歡迎這60多名新成員的加入。 今天也是新生第一次見到所有的同學,空氣中早已瀰漫著一股興奮的情緒,因為這不僅僅代表一個新的學年即將展開,同時也代表這些新生的人生將翻開新的篇章。

當場地完成布置之後,新生們陸續換上今年的代表色–亮藍色polo衫,並魚貫進入迎新會場。主持人是由二年級的Wellington Chow擔任,他代表GMBA歡迎新生,也介紹這次Team Building是邀請工管系柯冠州教授帶大家一起完成。這次Team Building是以個案研究的方式進行小組討論,柯教授也讓每組分享他們處理案例的方法。

Team Building結束後緊接著是團體大合照,新生、在校生、校友、老師依序在管院正門留下剪影,成為日後回憶的絕佳素材。午餐時間是GMBA的學生交流時間,大家藉此機會相互自我介紹,校友與在校生跟新生們一起分享許多學習跟工作上的經驗。

下午GMBA邀請到本院院長來給新生勉勵,接著由GMBA執行長介紹管院與GMBA Program,他也提到今年有超過60名、來自20個不同國家、任職於各行各業的頂尖學生加入GMBA大家庭。 學生會主席Kai Shang簡要介紹了學生會的成立宗旨,並邀請學生會成員與大家分享就讀GMBA的感想。

在短暫的中場休息之後,來自瑞典的Miriam Garvi教授帶領新生進行Strengths Finder Workshop的活動。透過此活動的設計,新生們不僅更了解自己的強項與弱點何在,也藉此機會知道將來做分組報告時該如何與同學互補。



2019 GMBA Orientation: new semester, new stage of life

On September 8, we welcomed more than 60 new members to the GMBA family. The class of 2021 met each other for the first time and you could feel the excitement in the air — it was not only the start of a new academic year, but a new stage of their lives as well.

As volunteers and GMBA staff finished setting up, the class of 2021 started to arrive in the Multi-Functional Activity Center and change into their matching bright blue polo shirts. Second year student Wellington Chow started the program with a warm welcome to the new GMBA-ers and introduced Professor Ke, a new CoM professor, who’d lead everyone in a team building activity.

For the team building activity, the class of 2021 was divided into 9 groups to get to know each other better. In preparation for the coming classes, they were given case studies to read and discuss as a group, later sharing how they would approach the given case.

After the team building session, GMBA 2021 had their first group photos taken as a class, a memory to look back at. The current students and alumni also had their chance to get their group photos taken. Afterwards, everyone proceeded to lunch, where GMBA-ers, fresh and experienced, were given the opportunity to talk and interact, getting tips and sharing experiences. During the lunch break, the new students were also given a moment to have their individual portraits taken.

In the afternoon session, the GMBA director welcomed the new students, introducing the family they had joined with the GMBA program, mentioning that their class of over 60 has students from 20 different countries and a wide variety of industries and companies. Kai Shang, President of the GMBA Student Council also gave a brief speech on the council’s goals of connecting our members and past experiences in the GMBA program.

Following a short coffee break, the students were introduced to Professor Miriam Garvi, who led them in the Strengths Finder Workshop. In this activity, the students learned more, not just about themselves but one another. It was an opportunity to see how in the future they would be able to complement one other and work well together. After a long and enlightening day of orientation, the students were dismissed and invited to unwind over dinner with the Student Council and some of the current students close by.