教授另外也介紹一些可以用於提案說明的框架,包括Michael Porter的5種競爭力量和OGSM(最終目的、具體目標、策略、檢核)。他解釋了OGSM的歷史和評估,以及如何利用此框架將理論與實際案例結合。


順帶一提: 提案的決賽入圍名單將於5月19日中午公佈!

Prof. Charles shared the PESTLE framework with competition participants 張佳欽老師介紹PESTLE分析框架給參賽選手

CHTI business proposal competition’s framework lecture was held on April 19th! Professor Charles reminded the students that they need to research and analyze why they target certain countries. Using the PESTLE framework, they can come up with convincing reasons explaining that investing in those countries is a good idea.

Professor also introduced different frameworks that might be useful for a well-rounded proposal. Those frameworks include Michael Porter’s 5 Competitive Forces and OGSM (Objective, Goal, Strategy, Measure). He explained the history and the evaluation of OGSM; how it is a framework that combines theories with practical examples.

Of course, Professor Charles also shared many business insights, such as TSMC and PX Mart. With today’s information, students can present a more well-rounded business proposal. The proposal submission due date is May 10th at noon, and the finalist announcement will be on May 19th at noon!