撰文者/GMBA一年級蔡惠盈 Hooi Ying Chua

經過近一個月的聯繫與安排,11月5日GMBA職涯輔導(IMP)首次深度參訪兩間位於新北市的科技公司: 圓剛科技(Aver Media)與圓展科技(Aver Information)。一行近30人,包括GMBA執行長許文馨老師、IMP的導師張佳欽教授、鄭名道教授、GMBA辦公室的陳依瑾助教,與20多位GMBA學生及畢業生。





Company Visit to Aver Media and Aver Info

Written by GMBA student Hooi Ying Chua

Under Professor Chang and Professor Cheng’s arrangement via IMP, GMBAers had their very first company visit to Aver Media and Aver Information on 5th November 2020.  More than 20 GMBA students and alumni joined this company visit together with GMBA Director, Professor Audrey Hsu.

Aver Information is a subsidiary of Aver Media, focusing on B2B business, whereas Aver Media is focusing on B2C business. Aver Media mainly supplies the equipment, such as mics, conference video cameras, capture cards etc to content creators and consumers like youtubers, bloggers or companies for conferences.  On the contrast, Aver Information focuses on solutions to business entities especially education industries.  The best-selling item from Aver Information is visualizers which were ranked No.1 in US education industry.  Both companies also perform extremely good in their business, especially during this Covid-19 crisis which has created extra opportunities for them.

We were warmly welcomed by the Aver Media staffs when we reached their company at 13:00.  The introduction session was fun and interactive.  The CEO patiently answered all of our questions related to the company’s performance and strategy.  Next, we visited Aver Information.  After the company’s introduction and products demonstration session, the production personnel led us to a production tour. The production floor was impressively clean and systematic.

The visit ended at 17:30 at Aver Information and we went back to school afterwards.  We are greatly thankful for the opportunity to visit these 2 companies. This was our first visit to a media equipment making company, and I think that we could all agree that it was a very fruitful experience.

A group photo at Aver Information 在圓展科技的大合照 GMBA Director was presenting a gratitude award to CEO of Aver Media  GMBA執行長頒贈感謝獎座給圓剛科技的郭董事長