因GMBA必修課【行銷管理】的實務需求, GMBA師生於5/1受邀參觀中華電信位於陽明山上的國際衛星通信中心。授課老師們、中華電信與課程助教在籌畫這次參訪付出許多努力和心力,因此學生們對此行的印象特別深刻。課程由精心準備的現場訪問拉開序幕,中華電信借此機會介紹自家的廣泛服務。早期,中華電信是從電信業開始發展,並擴展到國際和國內的數據服務、ICT規劃和SI服務,後來更成為橫跨全球之管理中心,提供企業網路服務和智能服務,在衛星接收器方面也具備深厚的專業知識。令人印象深刻的是,公司橫跨各個產業層面,並以其創新的解決方案提供臺灣與國際各行各業的各項服務。




Group picture, social distancing style Students are welcomed and getting to their seats
Asking questions and getting valuable insights CHT introduction presentations are starting

On May 1, 2020 Chung Hwa Telecom hosted GMBA students to their international satellite communications center in YangMing mountain. Our students were impressed how much effort and thought was put into this trip. Carefully organized site visit started with an introduction of Chunghwa’s extensive broad services, which started with telecommunications in its early days and developed and expanded into International and Domestic data services, ICT Planning and SI services, Global express center providing management, enterprise network services and smart applications, and deep expertise in the Satellite transponder capacity. It is impressive how the company expanded into various service dimensions and with its innovative solutions they’re providing services to broad variety of industries not only in Taiwan but also internationally.

Once our GMBA students were familiar through the precise introduction ChungHwa Telecom, they offered our students a contact window for those who are seeking to expand their professional experience and opportunities in Taiwan and beyond. As GMBA students come from many different countries in the world, so is ChungHwa Telecom’s services go beyond borders.

To encourage and challenge our students ChungHwa Telecom offered 2 products: Electric battery charging infrastructure; E-service of shopping VAT refund for our students to design its marketing plan. These real-life cases pose a great challenge and opportunity for the GMBA students demonstrate their quality of work. Special attention was given to us by the president of ChungHwa Telecom, while students presented their initial ideas after brainstorming on possible solutions and marketing approach.

The trip continued on with the short tour around the site and impressive structures of satellite dish, first ones in Taiwan, that was built in 1990s. Followed with a group picture as a great host CHT sent us back with a thoughtful gift and helpful insights for the project. And now everyone is looking forward for the results of the project at the end of the semester.

Students presenting their initial plans and evaluations  Thank you CHT for hosting GMBAers
 Greeting and meeting president Lu online