A historical monument Mixer MBA dinner



On March 26th, 2022, we held our 4th SC event: a historical monument Mixer MBA dinner to connect NTU GMBAers with friends from other schools’ MBA programs.

Rarely do we have experience enjoying local Taiwanese culture of Outdoor Dining (辦桌文化), hence, we thought it would be quite a night to hold a dining and mixer event in the historical monument, Lin An Tai Mansion, in the center of Taipei.

The Seven Star Platter is a typical starter in Taiwanese cuisine. Lin An Tai Mansion is tonight’s venue location.

Given that NTU GMBA is an inclusive and diversified program, we thought it would be also interesting to understand Taiwan, which also consists of enriching cultural backgrounds and multiple historical elements, from humanities or geography aspects. And we wish not to go into details in academic perspective, but to know Taiwan through a deluxe meal!

Glad that more than 100 people, 5 different schools joined the Historical monument dinner held by NTU GMBA Student Council;Friends from NTU EiMBA, NCCU IMBA, NYCU GMBA, NTHU IMBA and NTUST iMBA participated in this MBA mixer event.

History Introduction:

Back to the times when Taipei was still under the control of Japanese government, it was the time when the businesses thrives and arts blossomed. The merchants from different part of Taiwan and the students coming back from foreign countries were all fighting for their own dreams.

At that romantic time, the social entertainment has peaked at the end of Japanese reign. The most famous restaurant such as Kang San Lau, Penglai Pavilion, and Dong Huei Fang hired the famous chiefs from China. “Taipei Jiu Jia Cuisine” 台北酒家菜 has been then invented, which is a mix of historical, geographical and cultural elements.

With the outbreak of World War II, the society has been unstable and the resources are deficient. With the KMT government moving to Taiwan, the original high-classed Jiu Jia cuisine faded away as time goes by. However, in the festival and wedding ceremony, the spirit of Jiu Jia cuisine has been preserved

GMBA Student Council members for tonight’s event. GMBA family.

Menu introduction:

The menu for this Mixer event has been designed by Yuanlong catering and Follow culture together. The Executive Chief is Li ,Jun-Xiang and Li, Dong-Yuan. We are glad to have tasted their cuisine, presenting the beauty of Taiwanese cuisine in the Sanchongpu area for generations.

Group photo with participants from all 5 universities.