Winning Strategies of Taiwan/Asia Semiconductor Industry in Global Chip Contest and Future Challenges


撰文者/GMBA 辦公室

On May 13 2023, GMBA students had the pleasure to listen to a talk by Mr Tony Chao, the Senior Director of ASML Taiwan. ASML, founded in 1984, currently has 32,000 employees across 60 locations worldwide. ASML is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of chip-making equipment i.e. design and manufacturing of lithography machines that are an essential component in chip manufacturing.

Tony has an illustrious career in the semiconductor industry. He joined ASML in June 2005 as the Customer Support Director for China. Prior to joining ASML, Tony was the General Manager of BOC Edwards in Taiwan, a British-based semiconductor chemical and gas solution provider in systems and materials. Before BOC Edwards, Tony was the Vice President of Sales and Marketing of Ashland Union Electronic Chemical Corporation in Taiwan, serving the semiconductor materials industry.

In his opening remarks, Tony brought attention to the semiconductor industry’s dynamic nature and its impact on driving technological advancement across various sectors. He emphasized the importance of key trends such as automotive technology and immersive gaming, which are poised to serve as catalysts for the growth of the chip industry, propelling it towards a staggering valuation of USD1 trillion by 2030. Afterward, Tony delved into the inspiring success story of ASML, ASML’s vision and mission. He elaborated on the intricate workings of the lithography systems, emphasizing the pivotal role played by the immersion lens in the Deep Ultraviolet (DUV) system. Furthermore, he highlighted a significant breakthrough in the industry – the transition from DUV to Extreme Ultraviolet (EUV) lithography, signifying a key transformative change in the field.

Lastly, Tony turned his attention to the subject of personal development and career growth. Drawing from his own wealth of experience, he imparted invaluable advice and principles designed to empower aspiring professionals in their pursuit of excellence in the workplace. Tony emphasized the importance of cultivating critical thinking skills and fostering a global vision, highlighting how these attributes can significantly contribute to professional success and advancement.

The talk concluded with a captivating question and answer session, where attendees had the opportunity to seek further insights on a wide range of topics such as the intricacies of the semiconductor industry to seek advice on personal development. Tony skillfully addressed each question, providing thoughtful and informative responses that enriched the audience with knowledge and inspiration.