Smart Logistic Datathon 2024 比賽心得










When I initially joined this contest, I had no knowledge about the logistic industry.However, leveraging my background in Information Management, I believed that my proficiency in data and business analytics could offer a fresh perspective. Throughout the Smart Logistic Datathon 2024, I was amazed by the complexity and intricacy of the logistics industry. We analyzed the current status quo of HKIA’s logistics and came up with a machine learning model to tackle the problem of delayed cargo in HKIA. Luckily, we won second place. It’s such a pleasure to work with elite students from all over the asia pacific region, meeting top tier University students and exchanging ideas do really broaden my horizons. I’m grateful to my Information Management department for equipping me with the necessary analytical skills, and to CUHK and HKIA for providing this incredible opportunity to all participants.