GMBA Thesis Workshop and Brownbags



Thesis season is just right around the corner for our fellow classmates graduating this semester! Just to get us prepared, equipped, and have a glimpse on what to expect, the GMBA office has our backs and prepped us with a series of three thesis sessions with compelling guest speakers here to share their tips and Thesis writing journey.

In our first session of the thesis workshop, we are pleased to have Professor Leon van Jaarsveldt to share some tips on how to kickstart our thesis journey and get us covered on all thesis requirements. His insights from the very start to end of our thesis journey, from picking a strong thesis topic, to the refinement of effective research methodology, data analysis, the right thesis booklet format, and tips on prepping for the final presentation.

In our second session, we were privileged to have Elaine Le, a GMBA graduate from batch R10, who shared her insightful thesis writing journey. Elaine started by sharing how she carefully selected her thesis topic. She shared tips on the criteria for choosing a high-quality thesis topic, emphasizing its potential, practicality, and feasibility. Elaine highlighted the unique strengths of Taiwan’s healthcare system, coupled with its emerging popularity as a destination for Vietnamese citizens. That’s how she came up with her topic – “Enhancing Taiwan International Medical Service Quality Towards Vietnamese Patients Using SERVQUAL Model.” Elaine’s presentation went beyond the topic selection phase, extending into the practical aspects of thesis preparation. She shared her hands-on experience in data collection, offering key insights into the difficulties of maintaining patient privacy, especially when handling sensitive information. From the process of topic selection to the complexity of data collection, she left our audience with a whole lot of practical advice and considerations for a successful thesis journey.

In our final session, the spotlight turned to Jeffrey Ko, another GMBA graduate from batch R10, here to share his business plan thesis. Jeffrey’s presentation focused on the crucial components of crafting an effective business plan, centering on the creation of solutions that add value and address consumer pain points. A key emphasis of Jeffrey’s session was on the utilization of one’s specialty, personal interests, and strengths within the framework of the business plan. He highlighted the importance of aligning personal strengths and passions with the business concept, not only to create viable solutions but to do so in a way that resonates with their unique skills and interests. By stressing the significance of value creation, addressing consumer needs, and aligning personal strengths, he left the audience with a roadmap for translating entrepreneurial visions into robust business plan thesis.

As our thesis workshops wrap up, we are ready for the thesis season and armed with insights from our speakers. From thesis writing 101 to crafting effective business plans, these sessions gave us a clear picture of what to be prepared for. Ready and inspired, let’s do our best for this coming thesis season!