GMBA Students’ Company Visit to Perfect Corp.


撰文者/GMBA 辦公室

On March 31, GMBA students visited Perfect Corp., a global and leading SaaS company specializing in artificial intelligence and augmented reality beauty and fashion technology. The Perfect Corp. team welcomed the students and gave talks from different departments, including marketing, business development, product management, and HR. During the session, the students had the chance to learn how Perfect Corp.’s augmented reality technology improves user experiences, and how their successful SaaS business model works, by trying their application, YouCam Makeup. YouCam Makeup allows customers to try cosmetics and accessories without actually applying or wearing them. Perfect Corp. is currently partnered with over 400 brands to support brand promotion.

For the students taking the Organizational Behavior class, it was an excellent opportunity to get a closer look at how a fast-growing company expands its operations worldwide and attracts international talent. Perfect Corp. was listed on the New York Stock Exchange in October 2022 as the first Taiwan-based SaaS company, and it now has a presence in twelve cities across ten countries, with over two hundred staff. During the visit, one of their international staff members gave a talk about their welcoming work environment.

The students taking the Financial Reporting class gained insight into the successful business model of SaaS companies. Perfect Corp. does not only generate revenue from selling products to consumers, as traditional retail businesses do, but also derives sales from partnerships with multiple brands and subscriptions of their applications. The talks provided meaningful insights into how the differences in business models between traditional retail businesses and SaaS businesses would be reflected in financial statements and financial KPIs.

The corporate visit ended with a group photo and an office tour. The students had a great hands-on learning experience of the business model and corporate culture, with plenty of fun activities. We would like to express our gratitude to Perfect Corp. for the opportunity and warm welcome!