GMBA Sports Day 2023


撰文者/GMBA辦公室、GMBA一年級  陳嘉霖

On November 12, 2023, GMBA students actively gathered together at NTU’s gymnasium ready to showcase their skills, sportsmanship, and excitement. The court was filled with energy and smiles of players and friends who were there to cheer up their fellow players.


The first court was the first ever GMBA’s badminton tournament, with 36 students grouped into 6 teams led by Tony, Dustin, Renzo, Jack, Poom, and Wayne. The tournament wasn’t just a clash of racquets, but a gather of diverse players within our program. Players, both new and experienced, joined all together to have a pleasant time. Teams 1, 3, and 5 triumphed in the finals, where teams 1 and 3 claimed their well-deserved prizes. Special awards to Shannon for high individual scores and Naya for winning games.

Simultaneously on the other side of the court, an ongoing symphony of fast dribbles, passes, and scoring of the basketball tournament once again. The three teams Greg, Tony and Ian brought fierce games to the court. Shout out to all the teams for their spirited efforts, and a special congratulations to team Tony for emerging as the champions for this year with a 68-43 win!

A special gratitude to the sports event organizers, Edward, Masaru, GMBA Student Council, and all the players. Beyond the scores, the event left us with great memories and friendships, teamwork, and resilience. Let’s look forward to the next Clash of the Classes event next year!