GMBA Internship Info Session


撰文者/GMBA學生En Vi Ng

On May 19th, in an effort to connect business students with attractive internship opportunities, GMBA collaborated with four start-up companies (FunNow, ARK, TurnCloud, and MoBagel) to host an internship info session event. This highly anticipated event served as a hub of exploration and connection for enthusiastic students from all departments within the College of Management.

Group photo Expressing the appreciation to the representatives from the 4 start-up companies

The event commenced with an introduction to each company, followed by a presentation of the available internship opportunities. Then, the event continued with a Q&A session where students could inquire more about the company’s culture and gain more details on the job opportunities such as the duration of the internship and the possibility of remote working. After the event, many students were seen taking advantage of this rare opportunity to talk to the respective representatives from these companies.

Overall, this event provided these companies with a platform to reach out to many young promising global talent from NTU, while also giving students the excellent opportunity to network with these companies. It allowed students to engage in meaningful conversations, ask questions, and gain insights into the opportunities offered. These interactions provided students with a broader perspective on the industry and opened doors to future collaborations and employment opportunities.

Opening introduction by GMBA Office Participants are from all the departments within College of Management