GMBA GMF課程成果發表會



GMBA 今年再度設置為期三個月的 GLOBAL MANAGEMENT FORUM, 簡稱 “GMF” 課程。6/5在台大重光講堂舉行期末成果發表會,邀請商周及四家企業:全拓工業、安口食品機械、優克美、亞洛美和GMBA師生匯聚一堂。特別的是,這四家企業都是台灣隱形冠軍的企業典範。





GMBA GMF Course final presentation

On June 5, 2020, the final presentations for the Global Management Forum course were held at NTU. In addition to GMBA professors and students, the four enterprises ATC, Anko, Aromate, and YCM, along with Business Weekly and other distinguished guests were all invited and gathered together for this event.

Through this course, we students were given the opportunity to visit and learn about the small giants of Taiwan. For instance, Aromate is Asia’s largest fragrance manufacturer and has decades of experiences in producing fragrances. Anko is Taiwan’s largest filling machine equipment manufacturer. YCM specializes in producing anti-mold products. And lastly, ATC, one of the happiest enterprises to ever exist, is a tier-2 supplier making high-quality oil seal products catering only to luxury car brands.

From working with these four enterprises, we learned how the manufacturing factory operates, how “lean-production management” can be achieved to a remarkable degree, and how we can apply our knowledge into practice. As a group, we have learned to strengthen our analytical capabilities and further develop our problem-solving skills by completing this project. From the multiple weekend Zoom meetings with senior executives and professors, we were continually challenged to facilitate discussion and progress our mindsets. We believe these are the most valuable takeaways from this impactful experience.

After all of the group presentations were delivered, the professors and the representatives of the four enterprises provided comments and constructive feedback. At the end of the event, we took group photos, and the GMBA program presented awards to each of the four enterprises to express gratitude for a successful partnership. Thank you all for such a fruitful and inspiring journey.  We are looking forward to creating more value together in the  future!