GMBA跑起來吧! 中外學生順利完成校園馬拉松


撰文者/GMBA陳依瑾、GMBA學生Andrea Dee


隊員們曾在比賽前熱烈討論著當天應該一起【跑步】還是一起【走路】以展現團隊精神,最終大家一致決定將比賽樂趣放在首位,各人只須按照自己的速度與能力完成比賽。當開跑時間漸漸逼近,隊員們逐一分散到每個分組,一齊在起跑線上排隊,等候鳴槍起跑。當“Go Runners!”的聲音響起,跑者開始邁開腳步往前衝,全程5公里的比賽路線可欣賞到臺大著名的地標如: 圖書館、傅鐘和管理學院等等。

Before running 起跑前 Warming up properly 好好熱身



傅崇瑀Sharon Fu – 第四名,

劉梓鋒Nelson Lau – 第十一名,

Michael Thomas Kappler – 第二十名,

陳可津Liv Chen – 第三十一名。

總體而言, GMBA跑步隊在本屆臺大校園馬拉松賽事中出色表現,非常好!


On April 8, 2023, the Global MBA group, which included the office staff, students, and alumni, participated in the annual NTU Campus Marathon. Despite the early morning start, the team arrived on time for the opening ceremony, where the event organizers led warm-up exercises to prevent injuries. Team GMBA debated whether to run or walk together before the race, but ultimately decided to prioritize having fun. The runners lined up at the starting line according to their assigned groups, and at the sound of “Go Runners!”, they were off on the 5KM race that passed by notable NTU landmarks such as the Main Library, Fu Bell, and the College of Management Building.

Each GMBA runner had their own strategy to complete the race, with some running, jogging, and walking. Despite their differences in approach, all the runners from Team GMBA successfully finished the race. The event was a memorable and enjoyable experience, highlighting the diverse talents of the GMBA community. Most importantly, the camaraderie among the runners was evident throughout the event, with words of encouragement being offered by those who finished ahead of others, and those who completed the race waiting by the finish line to cheer on their colleagues.

Special congratulations to the following students who achieved remarkable results within their group division:傅崇瑀 Sharon Fu: 4th place

劉梓鋒 Nelson Lau: 11th place

Michael Thomas Kappler: 20th place

陳可津 Liv Chen: 31st place

Overall, we would like to commend all Global MBA runners for their outstanding performance in the NTU Campus Marathon. Well done!

Endless fast runners ahead  奮力向前跑 We all did it  我們全部完賽