撰文者/GMBA學生  湛凱婷


張佳欽老師講解競賽規則 Prof. Charles is explaining the competition rules.


來加入我們的行列吧! 競賽報名截止日期為3/22(週三)!


Written by GMBA student Carol  湛凱婷

March 1st. was the CHTI business proposal competition info session! Hosted by GMBA & CHTI, the competition welcomes NTU students from all programs, with the exception that each team is required to have one college of management student. The competition provides students a hands-on opportunity to develop a practical business plan and a chance to visit CHTI to closely observe how a well-develop business operates. Not to mention the generous cash coupons for the winners (up to 200,000 NTD cash coupons prize)!

CHTI講解競賽題目 CHTI representative is briefing the competition topics.

The target market the students can choose from are the USA, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, and Philippines. With the target country in mind, there are six main telecommunication implementations to develop a business proposal: smart governance, infrastructure, smart manufacturing, smart environment, smart energy, and smart transportation.

Come and join us! The deadline for registration is 3/22 (Wed.)!