撰文者/GMBA陳依瑾、一年級 Helen Sun孫逸華


跳躍 Jump! 這是一個驕傲與勝利的時刻!As we jumped through the fire, we also crossed the finish line!

在報名前,我並沒有想太多,而且還覺得好像沒什麼大不了的,不就是在大太陽底下跑個 5公里嗎?對於很多人來說,5公里可能是小菜一碟,但我所參加的 5公里賽跑卻是一個要通過 20 個障礙關卡的魔鬼營。一旦有人卡關無法通過障礙,他就必須以額外跳 30下波比跳來換取進入下一關的通行證。




到底怎麼爬上去呢? How am I going to climb this? 他們是我的好夥伴  They are my best team members


GMBA students participate in 2022 Spartan Sprint Race

A group of GMBA classmates signed up and completed the spartan sprint race in the end weekend of April. The design theory of Spartan race is totally a teammate thing, and it needs lots of stamina. When you feel you can’t do it anymore, your team is there and they are cheering out for you.

Before signing up, I didn’t think too much. In my mind, it is not a big deal, just running a 5K under the sun, right? For many out there, 5K can be a piece of cake, but this 5K sprint race contains of 20 obstacles. If the obstacles cannot be passed, each of us needs extra 30 burpees jumps in order to pass onto the next level.

This race is open to everyone, such as runners, weightlifters, functional fitness fans, newbies alike or even to all kinds of ages. However, running and sweating under the heat of Kaohsiung with mud on the body and sunburn on the skin, it made me feel like hardcore training here. It turned out to be a test for me in both physical and mental parts.

They say for spartan racers, those who choose to begin are those who choose to endure. Eventually we will finish, but only then will we know we’re at the finish line.

Glad that in the end we all made it, despite how hardcore it is. As they say, we come, we see, and we conquer!

倒數時刻 Final count down before our spartan race start, everyone is nervous but also excited! 8:45準時一到鳴聲響起,情緒激昂的斯巴達選手們從起跑點開始衝刺! As the coach shouts out to the crowd: What’s your career? Aroo! Aroo! Aroo! We are spartan racer! And yes, we ran!
大力士是我 I’m Invincible!