隨著2019年漸漸進入倒數,西方人的重要節日之一的感恩節也悄悄來臨,由GMBA二年級的學生們主動策畫的“感恩節聚餐”選在11月9日的晚上在Darts Gym盛大舉辦。由於一年級的學生剛結束為期兩週的水深火熱的期中考,學長姐們為了讓他們放鬆身心,也藉此慰勞他們連日準備考試的辛苦,特別舉辦此次聚會,讓GMBA現任學生、校友以及他們的親朋好友都聚在一起。

大合照 group photo

由於這是一次專屬於GMBA的活動,這次我們不像往常一樣準備披薩、壽司和台灣當地小吃,而是準備了一些帶有異國風味的特色菜,例如: 辣味印度咖哩雞、奧地利南瓜籽油蘸醬以及各種韓國料理。當然還有令人垂涎三尺的甜點,例如: 小蛋糕,布朗尼,餡餅,糖果,軟糖等。這裡的酒水種類繁多,為我們增添不少樂趣!

由於這次餐會的舉辦地點【Darts Gym】是以射飛鏢為主要社交活動的場所,大家雖是業餘玩家,卻也盡其所能的展示技巧。總而言之,這次的聚餐使GMBA學生彼此的關係更加融洽,也成功幫助一年級學生將緊張的考試心情拋到九霄雲外。

On the evening of November 9th, the second -year GMBA students hosted an “after midterm potluck” at Darts Gym – an event aimed at giving the first-year students a chance to unwind after two gruelling weeks of midterms. The potluck brought together current GMBA students and alumni along with their friends and partners.

It is hard to imagine a potluck without pizza, sushi and local Taiwanese snacks; however, since this was a GMBA potluck, we also had savoury, exotic dishes such as  spicy Indian “chicken tikka”, Austrian “pumpkin seed oil dip”, and a variety of Korean dishes. There were also mouth-watering desserts including cakes, brownies, tarts, candies, and gummies, to name a few. To add to the fun, the establishment itself also provided a wide variety of booze to choose from!

Since it was organized at the Darts Gym, people socialized over darts. Those who were darts savvy had a chance to show off their skills while the amateurs did the best they could. Overall, it was a great opportunity for GMBAers to fraternize and de-stress – and they definitely made the most of it!