撰文者/GMBA陳依瑾、一年級Elisabeth Kreitschmann白莎莎

流行時尚一直不斷推陳出新,復古時尚風是現今最夯的話題,而GMBA學生會也趁此機會與一位以永續時尚為創業理念的在地新創家合辦一場名為Vintage Pop-up的復古時尚快閃市集。

許多人都帶來家中的二手衣 Many secondhand clothes were brought to the venue. GMBA學生會成員之一的白莎莎是今天活動的主辦人之一 Elisabeth Kreitschmann is today’s event organizer.





Written by GMBA student Elisabeth Kreitschmann

On Apri,16, Vintage Pop-up was held by a local sustainable fashion business owner (brand name: cocoon) and a student council member (Elisabeth Kreitschmann) as a way to promote the idea of sustainable fashion and understand future business opportunities in this market.

The ultimate goal of the event was to promote the idea of sustainable fashion in a fun and interactive way – through a vintage/second hand market. The idea was to show you can dress fashionable wearing pre-loved clothes. Prior to the market we held a presentation about the challenge of fast fashion, the pressure it imposes on the environment and human rights and how we can overcome it by future sustainable fashion trends.

Participants were welcome to join the talk on sustainable fashion and act as a buyer and/or seller during the market. Sellers were encouraged to bring vintage clothes (older than 20 years) formerly owned by their parents or grandparents. Secondhand items were less preferred, but welcome as well (newer than 20 years). The price range was between 200-2000 NTD, the owner of the clothes received 100% of the proceeds of their sold items.

Comment from the event organizer, Elisabeth Kreitschmann

“Thank you to everyone who made time to come past at the cozy Let is slow café on a rainy Saturday afternoon in April. We had so much fun talking about the future of sustainable fashion with you, and even if it was to just stay for a chat and café, we much appreciate your support. Special thanks to all secondhand fashion lovers, who sold their items during the day or bought a beautiful piece. We are considering organizing another market and increasing the size of the market and amount of vintage items. Until the next time.

參加的人都要穿上家中的二手衣 The theme of the event is that participants have to put on their own scondhand clothes. 活動開始前的準備工作 Everyone is busy with the preperation.