GMBA企業參訪 – ViewSonic優派國際




大合照 Group photo




On November 8, 2019, the GMBA program visited the Asia-Pacific Center of ViewSonic, which is based in New Taipei City. In total, 30 GMBA students paid visitation to the company.

Once stepping into the company, students were able to feel a strong welcoming atmosphere because each visitor’s name was displayed on the screen. In order to capture this scene, some students went to take pictures with their own names.

Being split into two teams, one was guided to see the various offices and the other was to see and understand the company’s products. The working environment was thought out thoroughly. There were lots of beautiful pieces of artwork that drew everyone’s attention. The students were told that the company’s CEO loves art and those masterpieces are from all over the world. The CEO likes to share the fine art with employees in hopes that the art could not only colour the environment but they also help motivate and inspire the staff to be innovative in their work. This was a great demonstration of bringing humanities and company governance together. Our students were also inspired by that.

After the tours and demonstrations, the students were guided into a conference room and listened to the company introduction presented by the marketing manager. She introduced company culture, history & development, strategy and global landscape. She explained that at the early stage it mainly manufactured hardware products. More recently it is able to offer software solutions as well, based on various products. The company also cooperated with global brands, such as Google and Harman (part of SUMSUNG Group), for product innovation, launch, and marketing. With provided information, in return, students raised questions relating to a variety of aspects of businesses on branding, strategy, and operations. The company was very impressed by the students and shared available job vacancies in order to attract international talents.

At last, a certificate showing GMBA appreciation was presented by尚德凱, the President of GMBA Student Council, to CEO, Mr. James Chu. Mr. Chu was thanked for the care and support to GMBA program. As always, a group photo was taken to complete the event.

專業且高規格的歡迎  Professional and warm welcome 感謝執行長的安排  Thanks to the arrangement by CEO of ViewSonic
仔細聆聽簡介  Concentrating on the introduction 滿牆的藝術品 Artwork collection can be found everywhere inside the company