GMBA ESG Investing Course Welcomes Students from Copenhagen Business School in An Influential Session by Professor Gideon Loewy


撰文者/GMBA 辦公室

On 3rd December 2022, GMBA ESG Investing Course instructed by Professor Leon van Jaarsveldt welcomed Professor Gideon Loewy, Director of Scandinavian Designers, and students from Copenhagen Business School to join with National Taiwan University students. Professor Gideon Loewy is an ESG industry expert with many years of experience. During the class, he introduced students to the concept of creating sustainable future value with consideration of ESG investment. Professor Lowey brought up a well-known quote from Albert Einstein: “Try not to become a person of success, but rather try to become a person of value.”


He highlighted to the student that with the growth of awareness and demand for adopting Environmental, Social, and Governance measures in today’s business, students should pay more attention to using system thinking methods to create unique and sustainable values for a better world while doing business. The inspirational lecture fostered a better understanding of the true value of doing business with NTU GMBA and Copenhagen Business School students.

A meaningful part of the class was a breakout session when NTU and Copenhagen Business school students had a chance to discuss and exchange their ideas on all ESG aspects, such as hygiene, happiness, welfare, social justice, etc. Students shared with their new friends, who have diverse backgrounds and experiences, about their thoughts on ESG and the dreams they wish to fulfill as future business leaders. The discussion moved fast forward with an enthusiastic and thorough conversation. At the end of the session, representatives of each group eventually shared what they had discussed with the whole class. Surprisingly, a common goal of building a better future for humanity and community among the students was discovered and enlightened.

The inspiration of Professor Lowey and the effervescent participation of students from Copenhagen Business school brought a new breeze to the ESG investing classroom and made it more enjoyable. Students are looking toward a similarly fruitful cooperation between the two universities hereafter.